Introducing Alexis, the Advanced Stylist at ILLUMI. 

Hi everyone my name is Alexandra. I am 22 years old from Hungary and I am the new Hair Artist here at ILLUMI. I cannot wait to meet you all and work within the great team at ILLUMI.

I trained in hairdressing at a local college where I completed a 2 year course. Since then I have had 3 years’ experience working in salons starting as a Saturday girl and working my way up to Hair Artist.

My passion in Hairdressing is colouring. I love to experiment with new colours from naturals to extremes. I like how a different colour or style can change a person's appearance from smart and casual or to outgoing and colourful. I also can't wait to use the fully customizable Aveda Hair Colour range at ILLUMI.

My future goal is to continue working in the hairdressing industry working my way up the ladder always learning new styles and improving on my skills so I can achieve the best results and make people feel good about their appearance.