Huge gratitude and thank you's go out to everyone who has supported me along the way and still is in helping ILLUMI in Studley be a reality! 

And so welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest in ILLUMI. An Aveda Hair, Spa and Wellbeing Salon, which, before becoming an actuality I had been dreaming up and working on since I was 21 years of age.


I've always wanted to bring something different and exceptional to the hair industry and to the world. And it begins now.

I have been in the hair industry since I was 17 years old. I am now 37. And one of my drives has always been to do the best work I can. I progress with every step I take because of this. 

My career began with TONI&GUY where I quickly accomplished my training and qualifications and then got recognised for my standards of work and skills. I had a fantastic time as a new stylist. Constantly busy and buzzing doing advanced cutting, unleashing my creativity and discovering the power that I had in bringing out happiness in people through my work. At the same time I was evolving in my career, I had begun developing myself in the areas of spirituality brought on from lifelong experiences since childhood. It was a necessity for me, not just some fad.

I had set out to become a session and editorial stylist, and just as doors began to open for me in London City, I swiftly did a 180° turn around and found myself in management. I was already teaching apprentices in the salon ready for their final training with TONI&GUY. 

My passion began to explode with the awareness of what being a good manager meant to people employed within the hair industry and very soon I was asked if I wanted my own salon. Someone who had been watching me for several years from early on in my career, before I qualified as a stylist, had seen potential in me from the moment I blow dried her hair for the first time when I was an apprentice. I had impressed her from that moment with my capabilities in being able to handle her very unruly hair, making it look sleek, smooth and shiny. Something that the qualified hair stylists in the salon I was working in at the time couldn't do as well as I could, (according to her anyway). This lady is known to me as Joti. 

Joti, a successful business woman and now a dear friend, is the other Director and powerhouse behind ILLUMI.


My diverse career path has seen me work, teach and manage businesses for many leading brands such as TONI&GUY, REGIS INTERNATIONAL, HEADMASTERS, RUSH and TONI&GUY ESSENSUALS. I have worked all over the Midlands, and I spent the last four years before the birth of ILLUMI Studley refining all of my skills in London getting ready to bring something exquisite, high end and fresh back to the Midlands of England.

ILLUMI is a synthesis of my life's experiences, passions and desire to bring about positive change in the lives of others, empowering people through delivering a complete and thorough experience with my advanced creative skills in hairdressing, education, energy healing and personal development. I offer a complete customised high standard of service using my knowledge combined with extensive experience, insight and vision.