Stephanie Annis-Tate is the Wellbeing Massage Therapist at ILLUMI. She brings with her the luxurious lava shells which have been recognised as a favourite ‘must have’ treatment by leading professionals in the beauty and health industry. Deemed as the ‘new hot stones’ by VOGUE. she combines these treatments with the fabulous KOKOLOKAHI oils.


After spending 27 years in the retail industry in a variety of roles and taking time out to raise three children, she decided to follow her passion for holistic massage therapy and is excited to join the team at ILLUMI to share her treatments. Stephanie was born in Solihull in Warwickshire and spent her teenage years horse riding while also competing across the county. In 2017 Stephanie ran the Solihull half marathon, at the time she swore running would be her thing…her feet haven’t seen those trainers since! Stephanie now enjoys yoga as her form of exercise.


She is currently studying Reiki and hopes to incorporate this into her treatments, while also having great interest in widening her cpd in massage styles. You can follow Stephanie’s blog on Facebook via ILLUMI or connect with her on Linkedin.