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Divine Healing
Reiki Treatment
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River in Autumn
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Intuitive Counseling
Aromatherapy Oil
Holding Hands
Peaks Above Clouds
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Reaching Out to the Sun


Nothing is solid. Everything is energy.

This has been proven time and time again by multiple Nobel Prize winning physicists.

The physical, at it's minutest observable state in the form of atoms, are vortices of energy, constantly spinning and vibrating, with each atom radiating its own energy signature.

If we really want to observe ourselves and find out what we are, we must arrive at the realisation that we are really beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature - this is fact.

We are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be, and it's time we begin to see ourselves in that light.

At ILLUMI we understand that everything is energy and is intimately connected. Introducing you to this larger view of reality, we dedicate ourselves to restoring balance and harmony to your hair and wellbeing all at the same time. We do this by creating a relaxing environment, using sound, aromatherapy, energy cleansing and much much more. we want you to feel comfortable being yourself, to feel at home here and within yourself.


We offer Aveda Rituals freely whenever possible which are mini stress relieving treatments. Our Master Stylist at ILLUMI will offer Reiki healing and energy balancing freely while he works on your hair as part of a standard service. We offer Chakra Balancing with Aveda Pure-Fume Balancing Body Mists freely. 

The products and hair colour we use are made using Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India) principals, harnessing the power of plants, minerals, aromatherapy and a fine balance of natures energies to promote good health and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

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