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Haircare Tips & Advice For When You Can't Get To The Salon. No.1

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Scared of what your hair is becoming while every salon is closed due to the lockdown?

We feel your pain. But don't worry, we'll soon be open and ready to serve more than ever before while bursting with explosions of fresh creativity! In the meantime, we'll post some interesting tips every now and then to keep you going.

As tempting as it may be to reach for that home box dye, we strongly advise that you don't!

Why? Because:

1. You may make your hair look worse.

2. It will cost A LOT more money to sort it out if you do go wrong or it doesn't quite match up with what you have been having.

3. The product you use may interact on a chemical level with the professional products used in salon when you're having your next professional bespoke colour service and your hair may literally fizzel off! We definitely don't want to be shaving your hair off instead of making your hair shine!

If you have the length, try playing around with different hair up looks keeping the hairline loose to hide the areas you don't like anymore. Or try rocking a hoody! At least we can still shop for clothes and the latest hottest fashion headwear online during this time.

If you really can't hold out on colouring those mighty whites, choose your home box dye brand with care, they often have a tendency to go too dark so be mindful of this. If possible, get someone who you are locked in the house with to apply it in fine sections like us professionals do, this should help prevent any unnecessary patches appearing in the regrowth zone or accidentally getting unwanted colour on the lengths. BUT, try and hold off and wait to see your favourite Hair Artist, this may be the only time you hear us give advice on home hair colouring 😉

Stay safe, stay indoors, stay healthy. Sending you all our love 💛💚💙 ILLUMI.

Your Aveda Salon in Studley, Warwickshire.

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