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The Spa Guide - Blog 03 - Beautifying Family

Today we are going to discuss the Beautifying range with Aveda. One of the most popular, Beautifying has four different products within the range that are all amazing for different things.

Primarily for the body, the Beautifying range has an 'uplifting' aroma, that consists of organic Rosemary, Lavender and Bergamot that is present throughout all the Beautifying family, and can be used at any point throughout the day to lift your mind, body and spirit.

The first product we are going to talk about it the Beautifying Creme Cleansing Oil. You can keep this product in the bathroom for whenever you wash, as the rich, nourishing oil cleanses the body thoroughly whilst leaving the skin feeling beautifully supple. With a plant blend of certified organic olive oil and safflower oil along with the Beautifying Aroma, this cleansing oil is a staple product to use for the dryer skins out there. To use, work a small amount into a rich lather and massage into the skin. Wash away feeling totally uplifted. Retails for - £22.00

Next is the newest addition to the Beautifying family - The Beautifying Radiance Polish. In a whopping great tub you get 440g of this amazing body exfoliator! Again, keep in your bathroom and use three times per week - for the dryer skins out there you may want to use more regularly. This mineral rich product uses salt crystals and oil to create a gentler body scrub that removes all that dead skin on the top layer and leaves you with beautifully nourished renewed skin without that harsh red irritation. You can use this scrub wet or dry depending on how intense of a scrub you want. When using wet, massage gently onto the skin and rinse away. I can also use this at the beginning of a pedicure if Beautifying is your favourite aroma! Just ask me and I can customize the pedicure especially for you. Retails for - £36.00

The third product is the Beautifying Body Moisturizer. If Beautifying is your favourite aroma then this is the body moisturizer for you! This nourishing product can be used daily and the aroma will be with you all day long! After washing, you can apply this moisturizer to damp skin and work it in for a better nourishing result. It also benefits from having organic Shea Butter in it for better slip and glide along with the present olive and safflower oils. Retails for - £24.00

And finally, last but certainly not least is the amazing Beautifying Composition Oil. Now if you have been with us at ILLUMI, its likely you would of already seen this oil as it is what we use at the beginning of a hair service during the Aveda Rituals. The iconic vibrant yellow colour can not be missed, and this nourishing oil gets even better as it is a multi-use oil that can be used from head to toe! For the bath, add a few drops to water for the uplifting aroma to cons

ume your bath and bathroom and inhale some deep breaths to completely relish in the aroma. Amazing for dry skin as it helps lock in moisture, and also has the benefit of Jojoba oil to leave skin feeling nourished and supple. Retails for - £24.00

So that concludes the Beautifying family! Like I said before it truly is one of the most popular aromas and here at ILLUMI it is chosen constantly for Rituals and throughout massage I can use the aroma as well. Please feel free to ask anyone at ILLUMI for more information on this range and look out for special offers!

PSST... This range would make a wonderful gift for Christmas or even better keep an eye out around Christmas time as Aveda do special packages!

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