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The Spa Guide – Blog 06 – Lava Rescue Body Massage

Hey everyone, for July's blog I am sharing with you another amazing Lava treatment - the Lava Shell Rescue. This treatment is used to assist pain relief and reduce muscle spasms on overuse injures. This ingenuous treatment assists me in helping clients with their everyday aches, pains and restricted range of movement caused by occupational hazards, that can create poor posture and / or muscle imbalances.

Tight muscle tissue is due to the natural defence process of the body to prevent further muscle injury/damage taking place. This treatment combines the use of HOT Lava Shells and COLD Glacial Shells with trigger point massage techniques. Alternating between hot and cold will cause the blood vessels to alternate between constriction and dilation. The end result will be a dramatic increase in circulation to the area being treated.

If its relaxation your after make sure to book the Lava Relax.

Lava Rescue

Lava Shell Rescue Full Body - 60 min at £65.

Lava Shell Rescue Back Treatment - 45 min at £45.

Visit or contact us on 01527852444 to book your treatment.

Why should I have a hot and cold treatment?


The application of a hot Lava Shell will act to dilate blood vessels therefore increasing blood flow. Increased blood supply will bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area and assist in the removal of waste products. The application of heat to the body’s muscles enables muscle relaxation and will aid pain relief.

Refer to blog 05 for info on the physiological effects of warming the bodys tissues.


The application of the Glacial Shell will conduct heat away from the superficial and deep tissues of the body, which will result in a reduction in body temperature. The immediate skin surface will reduce in temperature rapidly, but the deeper tissues will decrease slower and will continue to decrease even after the shell has been removed from the area that is being treated.

Physiological Effects of cooling the body’s tissue;

  1. Decreases local metabolism – the amount of oxygen to the area is reduced, therefore any damaged cells will die.

  2. Vasoconstriction – reduction of blood flow will lessen internal bleeding which will reduce inflamation and swelling.

  3. Induce aneshesia – reduce the pain within a muscle.

  4. Decreases muscle spasm – a decrease of nerve transmission causes the muscle to relax. This will increase flexibility and range of movement.

  5. Decreasing the inflammatory response – reduces the effects of histamine.

These Porcelain Lava and Glacial Shells are hand crafted using high quality porcelain and crushed shells. Each shell is hand painted, replicating the beautiful lustre and appearance of natural shells. They have been cast from the ideal ergonomic natural shell and are more uniform in size and thickness.

I find these shells to be the perfect massage tool and the fact that they heat up without the use of electric is an even bigger bonus. They are eco-friendly and contain natural ingredients which are non toxic and biodegradable. When working with these shells they not only give the perfect heat but combined with manual massage they enable me to pin point problem areas and then use the different sides of the shell to obtain effective results.

New to Lava? My treatment recommendations would be:

FIX IT PROGRAMME – to change the constitution of the body (organ function, energy and vitality also to work on an emotional level) once a week for 3 weeks.

MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME – every 3 weeks – for women this ensures that each treatment corresponds to a different week in their monthly cycle aiming to balance the hormones.

DE-STRESS – benefit from this treatment at any time, perfect to give as a gift!

Once again I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this fabulous treatment, keep a look out for August’s blog as I will be sharing the secrets of the amazing must have Lava Shell Therma Facial this 60 minute deeply hydrating age well facial is one your all going to love!

Until next time share the Lava Love from Stephanie your Lava Angel x

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