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The Director's Edit - Do hair colour preserving Shampoo's really work?

The answer is YES. Well, a good one will certainly extend the life and vibrancy of your hair colour and quite dramatically. 

Here's Aveda with Color Conserve™.

Color Conserve™ Shampoo Daily colour-maintenance shampoo that helps protect and preserve colour-treated hair with gentle cleansers that leave hair shiny, silky, soft and vibrant longer. Color Conserve™ Conditioner Daily colour-maintenance conditioner that helps protect and preserve colour-treated hair with plant-based conditioners that help lock in colour and leave hair shiny, silky and soft. Color Conserve™ Strengthening Treatment Strengthening treatment that illuminates and helps protect colour from the inside out, increasing hair’s strength and shine and improving hair’s resistance to combing breakage by up to 57%.* Color Conserve™ Daily Colour Protect Daily leave-in treatment that seals in colour to help protect it from fading for up to six weeks while infusing hair with moisture and illuminating shine. Color Conserve™ Daily Colour Protect

Q: Is this product safe to use on chemically straightened or permed hair?

A: Yes. Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect is safe to use on chemically  

straightened or permed hair. Colour-treated hair in particular will benefit from using Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect. Q: Will this product weigh hair down?

A: No. The Color Conserve™ Complex seals hair, protecting hair colour from fading for up to six weeks without leaving residue that may weigh hair down. Ensure the appropriate application amount based on length of hair. Q: Does this product provide moisture? A: Yes. The organic glycerin in Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect infuses hair with moisture. Q: How is this product different from Color Conserve™ pHinish? A: Color Conserve™ pHinish is a professional product that is intended to be used at the backbar immediately following a colour service. It neutralizes the hair’s pH level and prevents further oxidation of the hair colour which can cause fading the day of a colour service. Q: Would you need to use Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect in addition to Color Conserve™ Strengthening Treatment? A: Yes. Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect should be applied daily to help protect colour from fading due to everyday aggressors. Color Conserve™Strengthening Treatment should be applied once a week to deliver strength, shine and UV protection. Q: How much does this product strengthen the hair? A: Color Conserve™ Strengthening Treatment improves hair’s resistance to combing breakage by up to 57%. This was determined by combing tests performed on hair treated with Color Conserve™ Strengthening Treatment  versus untreated hair, the results of which were measured and validated in the Aveda Claims Lab. Q: How is Morikue™ Protein different from the quinoa protein in Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment? A: Morikue™ in Color Conserve™ is a blend of protein and amino acids from Brazil nuts and wheat. Morikue™ Protein has a single molecule size that penetrates the hair strand to strengthen the hair and even the porosity. This is essential for hair that is coloured regularly, but not over-processed. Quinoa protein in Damage Remedy™ has three different sized molecules that penetrate at three levels in the hair to help fill in and repair the damaged cortex, making hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. This is essential for over-processed hair. 

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